Haughton Environmental Commercial Tank Cleaning, Tank Truck Washing
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Haughton Environmental Facilities

The HE facility in Haughton, LA is well equipped for rapid and sustainable growth/performance.

Capabilities and assets of the facility include:

  • Four tanker cleaning bays with capabilities to conduct heated detergent and caustic wash operations using 3D nozzles in a high volume/low pressure arrangement.
  • External cleans as required. The tanker cleaning bays are equipped with two on-demand heated pressure washers.
  • Two stand alone bays designated for the cleaning of frac tanks and sludge boxes. The frac pad is equipped with an on-demand heated pressure washer and steam.
  • HE is established as a large quantity hazardous waste generator and can tackle cleaning jobs of hazardous products. The facility features a designated blocked-in hazardous waste storage area.
  • HE is permitted as a subpart D commercial water treatment facility. This means the facility can accept metal bearing, oil contaminated and organic wastewater streams generated from outside sources. The wastewater treatment system is equipped with 500K gallon in tankage and features a state of the art DAF/Filtration based physical chemical treatment system which can process 200gpm.

Truck Tank Wash

HE spared no expense in building a high quality facility utilizing the best available cleaning and wastewater treatment equipment on the market. Award winning firm Blue Sphere Water Technology was commissioned for the design of the facility and provided all process equipment including the electrical control infrastructure. Fabrication of all cleaning vats and WWT assets was performed by Smart Welding and Fabrication.